Movers and Packers in Khor Fakkan

Movers and Packers in Khor Fakkan

Movers and Packers in Khor Fakkan

In the Gulf of Oman, there is an attractive most city UAE called Khor Fakkan. Khor Fakkan is famous for its waterfalls and mountains. It is an attractive location to live and to establish a business. If you want to move to Khor Fakkan and are willing to hire a moving company, lucky movers and packers are here to serve their customers anyway, either you are moving house or a business. Our company’s motive is to serve its customer the way they feel advantageous for choosing us. We are having field-qualified and experienced members for packing loading, unloading, and fixing all appliances and furniture. Yes, lucky movers are equipped with the latest technology for packing and transporting vehicles with a view of security.

Something More about Lucky mover and packers for customer’s clear view:
Process duration

While hiring a moving company customers have a concern about how long the process going to take to be finished?. As everyone wants to finish moving process as soon as possible because a tiring and stressful activity. But It depends on the hiring companies expertise and proficiency. The lucky mover is known as one of the fast movers and packers in Khor Fakkan.

We are capable of relocating a 5 room house or a villa in one working day along with all fixing services. Adding, a business or office with approx. equivalent to 5 room house is also shifting within a day. All assembling of furniture can also be done. As we assign with distribution approach e.g while some are transporting item others are fixing and place at the destination to maintain efficiency.

Cross country movement and inter cities movement

Lucky movers and packers best serving for international movement. We are legally assured company to do the international move for their customer. There is a lot more risk involved in an international relocation. Therefore lucky take good care of all security and safety measures. Lucky movers are one of the well-known international movers and packers in the UAE.

Lucky movers and packers in Khor Fakkan do serve within other cities of UAE.
Payment matters

In international moves, we do accept payment through a bank account as we take a certain percentage of the whole payment in advance. Whereas locally we prefer to do deals on cash. But we give leverage to our old customers in payment matters as per their ease. Hence all means of payment are acceptable by lucky movers and packers in Khor Fakkan. The cost of lucky movers and packers in Khor Fakkan is justified.

To provide you broad view of our services and facilities we are explaining our services in detail below:

the success of the entire procedure is 80% dependent on packing. Being the best movers and packers in UAE we use the best packing material. We are equipped with different kinds of boxes, sheets, bags, and bubble packing. There is specialized packing for electronics and screens to serve you well.

Household items and furniture moving

Most of our customers are for relocation of house and villa. Lucky movers are the best home movers and packers in Khor Fakkan. Heavy and sensitive furniture needs proper packing and professional loading unloading. We are having a specialized carpenter team, who dismantle furniture for packing and also assemble and fix in the destination.

Moving and fixing of the appliance

While packing our expert team dismantles all appliances in order to transport them safely. Lucky movers’ team can assemble and fix all kinds of appliances i.e refrigerator, computer, washing machine, to your new home.
Lucky movers and packers are the best packers and movers in Khor Fakkan. You can get more detail while talking to our dealing agent.