Check List: Steps for Office Moving

Everything in this world needs to be done and carried out by using proper means and procedures. If you are not doing it in the right way, you may not get the desired results as per requirement. Especially the relocation services and jobs required to be done by using proper procedures that must be followed by the professionals so that you may not face any kind of difficulty or commotion during the relocation and cheap movers and packers in abu dhabi. 

Lucky movers and packers have several professionals and trained staff who specializes in doing such type of jobs for the sake of our clients. They are trained to follow the standard and potential steps which are useful for a perfect relocation job. When you are planning for your office relocation then multiple steps must be followed for a smooth relocation of your office. Lucky movers and packers are offering relocation or office moving services in all the states of UAE and are considered as the best moving and packing and cheap movers and packers in abu dhabi. Down here are the necessary steps which are required to be followed to get your job done professionally… 

Planning before Relocation 

  • First of all, you have to be sure about the moving date on which you are going to be relocated. It is very important to get the necessary things done before that date. 
  • Professional movers and packers are very much useful and necessary in such cases because they know about the procedures and precautionary measures to take during the relocation process. 
  • Get quotes from the best possible movers and packers. 
  • Make a comparison of the jobs offering by the moving companies, so that you can have a broader view of the jobs. 
  • Check out the insurance as well.
  • Manage your budget. 

Communication among all stack holders 

  • It is very important to inform all of your stack holders who are involved in your relocation process. 
  • You must give official notice to your current landlord or property owner that you are going to shift/relocate on such a potential date. 
  • Your colleagues and team members must know the new office address. 
  • Up to date employee list. 
  • It’s necessary to mention the potential responsibilities to all your team members before the relocation process is started. 
  • Send your new office address to your important stack holders like clients, internet service providers, bottled water companies, telecommunication companies, banks, and financial stack holders, etc. 


  • Almost the date has come now, and you must know which step you are going to take first to get a start. 
  • Get all the possible details of your new office space, so that you can manageably lay things of your office on that new office. 
  • Make an inventory list for your current office furniture. 
  • You might need new furniture as well for a new office, get in contact with a company as well, so that things may be done at the right time. Place orders if required. 
  • Parking spaces and lifts must be booked for your moving date. 
  • You must have a detailed plan for your jobs to be done on your moving date. 
  • Packing materials and other things should be ready at this stage. 
  • Mention duties to your staff for packaging their office stuff. 

The Movement Day

  • Finally, the day has arrived for which you have planned all the way. 
  • Keep the emergency numbers or contacts in your reach. 
  • Refreshments should be ready for internal and external staff. 
  • Make sure to move the tech equipment first like computers, laptops, printers, etc. 
  • Keep calm. 

Once you have followed the mentioned steps and procedures in the right manner, you will get your job done in the best way. For such jobs, most of the officeholders assign such tasks to professional moving and packing companies who are devoted to do such jobs only. Lucky movers and packers are doing the same for respectable clients all over UAE. Get in contact with us and get your office relocated professionally.